Our Mission


To provide high quality healthcare that's easily accessible for all.

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What is Live ProACTIVE?

Live ProACTIVE offers a range of health, fitness, and physio services, with the mission of creating a high quality, cohesive, and preventative healthcare service. Via our ELITE membership, we're providing what we believe to be the future of healthcare: an integrated health and wellbeing service for all your current and future needs. All Live ProACTIVE products and services include four key elements:







What do we mean by the Future of Healthcare?

The typical relationship patients have with their doctor and physio is they will only be seen when something has gone wrong - by which point it’s too late to prevent the issue. The issue can often worsen from the point of injury to the point of evaluation, and further worsens whilst you wait for treatment. There are several barriers to entry to getting the help you need and this wait time is critical in determining the outcome of your recovery.
We provide a different approach that we believe is the future of health, fitness and physio: Live ProACTIVE. Our goal is to improve the quality of healthcare services, and one of the ways we achieve this is by making the quality of private healthcare more accessible. We offer free health clinics and discovery visits to remove barriers to entry, treatment specific physio so you can prioritise your therapy, and FIT guides that allow you to do strength, conditioning, and rehab from your home at a fraction of the cost. 
We maximise a mix of technology and consultations to make it really easy for you to get the service you need. Our services are all created and provided with preventative healthcare at their core. We're extremely quick to respond to your needs and once you take out a service with us, we'll continue to check in with you and assess your health and wellbeing. This continual ACTIVE assessment enables us to be proactive in getting on top of issues that occur and stopping them in their tracks. 
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The Live ProACTIVE Cycle

Healthcare services are not as effective when taken in isolation. Our products and services focus on preventative healthcare. To do so we support your activity and goals with our ongoing ProACTIVE assessment and servies. We combine health, fitness, and physio to offer you a wholesome service which enables a cycle of proactive assessment, education, exercise, and recovery.

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Meet the Founders

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Dr. Emma is originally from the United States where she got her doctorate in physical therapy. Prior to moving to London, she worked in the sports medicine field with heavy emphasis on the performing arts, athletes, youth and adult sport, and general fitness. Dr. Emma competed as a highly competitive gymnast for 16 years. She is qualified in advanced manual therapy techniques including dry needling, cupping, taping, and instrument assisted soft tissue massage. She has a passion for preventative medicine and individualised healthcare which is where the idea of Live ProACTIVE began.

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Andy has worked for several large companies including IBM, PwC, and the European Space Agency where he created several successful products and services. As CEO of Live ProACTIVE, Andy brings his business experience and passion for innovation to the health industry. Working closely with Dr Emma, Andy seeks to find new ways to improve health and wellbeing services by combining new service models with technology to enhance the customer experience. Andy is very passionate about improving the world and enabling a better future for all humankind. He is driven by the goal of making healthcare more accessible for all and improving the quality of care to become ProACTIVE.