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Whether you're just getting started or training for your next marathon, we work with a variety of runners whom benefit from our ProACTIVE physio to keep them fit and fast on track and road.

Dancers know firsthand how important it is to keep performing and remain onstage. Our preventative physiotheraphy techniques and ProACTIVE treatment plans do just that! Existing clients include a range of traditional and contemporary performers, including The Royal Ballet School.

Ballet Performance



Gymnasts Practicing


As a result of Dr. Emma's 16 year NCAA Division 1 gymnastics career and her experience treating gymnasts across several gyms in the United States, we are uniquely positioned to provide physiotherapy to gymnasts that goes hand in hand with your coaching and progression. Benefit from specialist physiotherapy and experience from someone who's competed with the best!

Our ProACTIVE baseline testing provides a full professional physio assessment of the health and conditional of your team. For all sports teams, whether amateur or professional, our baseline testing provides preventative care to help you stay injury free and maximise conditioning.  

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Professional Cyclist


At Live ProACTIVE, we've worked with a number of triathletes to keep them fit and injury free through training and conditioned after events. We consider triathletes to be a core part of our DNA.  

Whether you're a guitarist or drummer, violinist or saxophonist, physiotherapy can play an important role in preventing injury and enabling the show to go on! 

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We've all heard of 'golfers elbow'. Not only is golf a very taxing sport for the arms, it's a sport loved by millions from all ages. Physiotherapy for our golfers is a crucial means of helping you overcome injuries; keeping you healthy and happy on the course.  

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Our skills and experience allow us to cater to specific individuals and teams across the sports sector, however we're here to help EVERYONE! Just need some regular physio or some friendly advice? We provide the same high quality at the same cost for all. So why not come and be seen by the best!

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