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Our Mission

Live ProACTIVE is more than just a fitness and physio company. It's a way of life. At LPA we specialise in improving health and wellbeing through a combination of fitness, health, and physio services, providing a platform for you to live healthier and perform at your best.


At Live ProACTIVE our goal is to create a better alternative to existing health and physio services. We've created an environment which we call the future of health and wellbeing - a proactive solution to the goals and challenges we all face.


Healthcare services are not as effective when taken in isolation. Our products and services focus on preventative healthcare. To do so we support your activity and goals with our ongoing ProACTIVE assessment and servies. We combine health, fitness, and physio to offer you a wholesome service which enables a cycle of proactive assessment, education, exercise, and recovery.

How to get started

Whether you're an athlete looking for performance gains, or someone who's looking to live a healthier lifestyle, Live ProACTIVE is here to help! We offer a variety of services tailored to you.

We offer a number of complementary services as part of signing up to Live ProACTIVE for free, including the ability to book our Health Clinic appointments to discuss a health issue, our LPA Discovery Visits to learn more about our products and services, and access to our health webinars.

Our Physio Sessions (telehealth and in person) can be purchased individually or as bundles to save money. We offer standalone manual Physio Treatments, such as dry needling, providing cost effective treatment options to meet your desire. Our ACTIVE Health Screen is the place to start for those wanting a full body assessment and examination of your health and lifestyle, a perfect entry point to our Live ProACTIVE cycle. Our online LIVE FIT classes are just £5 a session. We also have a number of fitness and rehab plans available for you to carry out your own ProACTIVE sessions affordably from the comfort of your home.

Consider upgrading to one of our paid memberships for additional perks and services. For the full Live ProACTIVE experience, check out our ELITE membership and join our ELITE path.


Our ProACTIVE pillars

Our proactive products and services