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ProACTIVE Health works to ensure that your mind and body are in good health.

- Every Tuesday evening at our free Health Clinic you can discuss a health concern with. Dr. Emma.

- Our ProACTIVE Health Screens are our preventative health full check ups.

- Our ProACTIVE Health Webinar Series hosts experts to help inform you about solutions to health issues. 

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FREE Health Clinic

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Health Clinic


Do you have a burning question regarding your health but feel overwhelmed with Google? Do you want reliable information and recommendations? Then consider booking a FREE 5-minute session at our virtual ProACTIVE Health Clinic with Dr. Emma to ask your questions and get professional recommendations. No strings attached or obligations. Our FREE Health Clinic is one of our ways to give back and make quality healthcare accessible for all.

ProACTIVE Health Screen

Physiotherapy Session
90 mins | £ 125
ProACTIVE Health Screen

Our full body assessment and health  evaluation.


Our ProACTIVE Health Screen is our full body assessment and health evaluation. At Live ProACTIVE our goal is to promote preventative health and wellness and our ProACTIVE Health Screen does just that.


Your appointment will consist of a full physical assessment which includes identifying any joint mobility deficits, muscular strength imbalances, or balance impairments. Outside of the physical assessment, we will also spend time addressing your current habits and acknowleding ways in which you can improve. Finally, we will spend time reviewing different elements of your mental health, ensuring you feel fully supported and have the tools to handle whatever life throws your way.


By scheduling a ProACTIVE Health Screen you are addressing any potential issues before they become problems, saving you pain and distress and giving you the assurance to live your life to the full!

Our Mission:

Preventative Healthcare

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We strive to educate you throughout all our products and services, allowing you to make informed decisions about your health, exercise, and recovery. We believe in shared decision making and user empowerment.



We’re here for you. Need some advice? A particular physio treatment? Some guidance for carrying out your recovery? A friendly face to sit and listen? We’re here to make a difference in your life.



Our focus is on sustainable healthcare which means our programs/services are built on long term improvements and lifestyle changes. After all, Live ProACTIVE is a lifestyle, not a temporary fix. Building resilience into your mind and body through strength and conditioning will enable you to succeed, whatever your job, physical activities, and goals.



We won’t settle for a service where we only help you and look out for your health when you’re paying to see us in therapy. Live ProACTIVE was established to be accessible to all, and via the range of services we offer such as the health clinic, discovery visits, Dr. forums, and webinars, we’ll make sure you’re never left out in the cold.

Our Live ProACTIVE Cycle:

The Future of Healthcare

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Our Live ProACTIVE model of active fitness, proactive physio, and preventative health requires a continual cycle of assessment, education, exercise and recovery. This model is the foundation of Live ProACTIVE.


Half of our Live ProACTIVE cycle is Assess and Educate, which together enable you to take control (the first of four cornerstones to a healthier individual).


  • Our ProACTIVE Health Screen is designed to do exactly that, providing you with assurance over your health, whilst equipping you with the knowledge to improve your health and general wellbeing.

  • Our ProACTIVE Health Clinic provides a quick assessment and education over an issue, helping you take the right course of action early and prevent issues materialising. 

Health Webinars

Coming Soon!

Our free monthly Health webinars, to educate you about health issues and solutions, discuss the latest trends and habits, and provide advice about food and nutrition.

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