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Perks of
PRO Membership

Two virtual consultations* per month

25% off ALL physio services

Priority support via Google Chat

Health and fitness guidance

Preventative Healthcare


The Future of healthcare, today

Live PRO is everything we stand for at LPA: active fitness
proactive physio and preventative healthcare

Through our Live PRO membership, we provide two consultations per month to proactively assess you. We provide education with health and fitness advice, tailored to your lifestyle! And if you do need additional physio services, such as treatments or rehabilition, our Live PRO members get 25% off.

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  • 40£
    Every month








Personalised care

Quick response time to deal with potential problems

Continual assessment prevents minor injuries from becoming big injuries

Identify potential risks of injury


Optimise physical activity with health and fitness advice

Welcome chat to get to know you







Integrate healthcare with your lifestyle 

Put measures in place to prevent future injuries

Medical education to help you take control of your mind and body

Priority support

Save 25% on ALL physio services, if and when you need them

Exclusive offers and promotions

* Each consultation lasts up to 15 minutes in duration. Please note that consultations are not meant to replace the need for thorough physiotherapy examinations and treatments. We will aim to provide advice and guidance as possible but may suggest booking a full appointment for more thorough examination. 

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